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Connect3: The Power of One Sunday School Class challenges small groups and Sunday School classes to become intentional about connecting with other people on three levels. Any class or group can apply these principles, whether any of the other groups in your church do or not! After reading and studying Connect3, you should be able to

  1. Identify the level at which your group or class currently functions
  2. Discover ideas for operating on each level with greater meaning
  3. Decide whether you want to move to a higher level or stay where you are.

Use the following links to download free resources to teach the Connect3 concepts to your Sunday School and discipleship ministry teams. You’ll find teaching plans, presentations, and handouts for general ministry, preschool childhood, student, and adult applications, and a complete audio version of the booklet, read by David Francis.

Connect3 is the third dimension of The 3D Sunday School. The other two dimensions are

I-6 Invite: A Six-Lane Strategy Toward an Inviting Sunday School

The Discover Triad: Three Facets of a Dynamic Sunday School Class

Visit the links at the right for information on other Sunday school books by David Francis

The Connect3 Sunday School Launch Kit  help church leaders apply the principles David Francis teaches in his book, Connect3: The Power of One Sunday School Class. The kit provides:

  • Tools for evaluating your church
  • A planning guide based on the evaluation
  • Leadership training materals
  • A plan to launch a strategic Sunday School year
  • An Administrative Guide with CD-ROM
  • Connect3 training promotion posters
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