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What’s Right With The Church

Elmer Towns believes that the church is doing its best when it is focusing on Christ.and he delivers the good news that there are many churches who are doing just that. In What’s Right with the Church, Dr. Towns takes you on a tour of churches that are carrying forward the Early Church’s mission and transforming their communities in spite of media skepticism, and cultural cynicism.

These local bodies look different from one another, but they are each “getting church right” in similar ways. Dr. Towns suggests that there a few essentials that, when the church gets them right, ensures that the body of Christ moves forward in its mission with power and purpose.

These basics include the Bible, sin, worship, serving, and the great commission-and, of course, Jesus Christ! Celebrate what God is continuing to accomplish through the global church, and find out how your local fellowship can join with him to transform the world.

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