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Make Your Group Grow

Last year, Josh Hunt surveyed more than 1,000 group leaders to discern if what he teaches actually works in churches across the U.S. (Spoiler alert: A lot of it does, but not all of it.) His findings led to two follow-up surveys that drilled deeper into what does work. And Josh backs up his suggestions with statistics, anecdotes, and real-life stories that reveal the WHY behind it all.

Make Your Group Grow uncovers the insightful discoveries of those three surveys—and more importantly, it:

  • equips pastors and leaders to develop healthy groups—whether it’s a Sunday school class or a weekly small group
  • gives hands-on suggestions to pastors and small-group leaders for how to put those findings into action
  • provides success stories from 11 years on the road—and tons of practical suggestions that help leaders get their groups growing
  • creates a paradigm for small-group growth that’s easily reproduced and passed on.

Great for small-group leaders, Sunday school teachers, and leaders wanting to grow their volunteer base.

Josh Hunt is a pastor and nationally known trainer of small-group leaders and Sunday school teachers.

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