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Steve Parr

Dr. Steve Parr serves the Georgia Baptist Convention as the Vice-President for Sunday School and Evangelism and author of Sunday School That Really Works and Sunday School That Really Responds. He travels across Georgia assisting churches, pastors, and leaders with their small group and evangelism strategies. He has assisted hundreds of churches in strengthening their Sunday Schools by motivating and training leaders through seminars, conferences, preaching, and personal consultations.

Prior to his service at the Convention, Steve served in two local churches. He was the first full-time staff member called to serve at Hebron Baptist Church alongside Rev. Larry Wynn. Over 14 years at Hebron, he served in a variety of staff roles. The church grew from less than 200 to over 3500 in Sunday School attendance during that time. In addition, Steve has led 10 churches as Interim Pastor over the past 12 years.

Steve was recently contracted by Kregel Publishing for the release of his second book: Sunday School That Really Responds, which he’s completed and it’s currently in the editing and development process.

Steve was called to ministry in 1983 as he was pursuing a career in education. After 4 years of teaching and coaching, he left this pursuit behind to follow God’s call to fulltime Christian service. Steve has a Masters of Divinity Degree in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Growth and Evangelism from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  1. Gloria A Austin permalink

    My name is Gloria A Austin. I am the Administrative Assistant to Rev. Dr. William R Lott, Sr., Senior Pastor of the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, IL. Our pastor is considering registering our Church School Teachers for the event at Calvary Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN.

    I have scanned thru the various websites but I have not been able to obtain this information

    1. Are the Friday and Saturday sessions a continuing series or is Saturday a repeat of the Friday evening session?

    2. WE know the basic subject matter but will each speaker have an allotted time period to speak during the session and/or will there be a small group break-out session during the conference/training period?

    3. I have not been able to retrieve a session schedule of sorts from any of the websites.

    I can be reached at 773.826-8099 ext 21 or via email at

    • 1. Friday is different from Saturday.

      2. no break outs. Each speaker will speak twice. There will also be a q and a on Saturday.

      schedule is roughly this:

      20 minutes of music
      1 speaker
      1 speaker
      1 speaker

      20 minutes of music
      1 speaker
      1 song
      1 speaker
      q and a
      1 speaker

      Hope that helps!

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