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Pivot Points

Missional Pivot Points was written to help encourage the conversation between pastors and church members about reaching their communities with the gospel of Christ in context of the 21st century. We have discovered that although many pastors are becoming familiar with the term “missional”, many church members have not. As a result, often the pastor and church members are not effectively communicating with each other about the vision of reaching their communities with the gospel.

In addition, many churches find themselves unable to communicate the gospel to the culture around them. To effectively share the gospel, Christ-followers must know two things: first, knowledge of the gospel; and second, a knowledge of the culture they are trying to reach. Missional Pivot Points has been written to help small groups and individuals understand the pivot that must take place in the local church for it to be effective in communicating the great news of Jesus Christ.

Missional Pivot Points is 44 pages in length and can be read in about 45 minutes. Each of the eleven chapters

concludes with discussion questions for personal reflection or group discussion. The eleven chapter titles are:

Introduction: A New Formula for Church Growth

Pivot Point 1 – From Mantras to Movements

Pivot Point 2 – From Class to Communitas

Pivot Point 3 – From Talking Points to Theology

Pivot Point 4 – Both Biblical and Relevant

Pivot Point 5 – From Incremental to Exponential

Pivot Point 6 – From Members to Missionaries

Pivot Point 7 – From Protecting to Planting

Pivot Point 8 – From Attractional to Incarnational

Pivot Point 9 – From Assembly Line to Customized

Pivot Point 10 – From Institutional to Individual

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