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Power UP Your Sunday School

PowerUP Your Sunday School

PowerUP Your Sunday School

What is PowerUP?

PowerUP is a Sunday School growth strategy of 7 Sundays beginning with RoundUP Sunday and concluding with High Attendance Day.

PowerUP is 7 weeks of equipping and ministry that is sure to lift your chuch’s Sunday School experience to the next level of ministry.

Please click PowerUp to view testimony.

PowerUP Survey

After your church has completed PowerUP, please fill out the survey. Please click PowerUP Survey to access the survey. Once you have

completed the survey, please print it out and mail to:

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Attn: Tiffany Zylstra
3800 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Registration Information

The PowerUP Your Sunday School Resource Kit is $25

Click here to register for PowerUP Your Sunday School Resource Kit.

Make checks payable to BGCO and mail to:
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Attn: Tiffany Zylstra

3800 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Click the PowerUP Your SS Order Form to order extra materials.

The PowerUP Plan

  • Power of Prayer – Engage your entire Sunday School in evangelistic prayer for their friends and neighbors.
  • Power of Community – Life change happens best in an environment of small groups. Enrolling friends and neighbors through the “Anyone-Anytime-Anywhere” plan into Sunday School enables your people to practice relationship evangelism.
  • Power of 10 – How to start new Bible study groups and increase your Sunday School’s attendance by 10 with each new group you start.
  • Power of 1 – One person can have an eternal impact in the life of another. Transform your Sunday School staff from teachers to leaders.

PowerUP Resource Kit Includes

  • 2 Planning and Preparation Guide booklets for Pastor and Sunday School Director
  • Pastor CD-Rom- contains all print materials, sermon outlines & training materials
  • Worship CD-Rom- contains worship outlines, powerpoints, sheet music,& sound trax for Send Your Power
  • 3 Posters- PowerUP, RoundUP Sunday, & High Attendance Day
  • 2 PowerUP Green Bracelets
  • PowerUP prayer bookmark
  • Pastor: Key to a Vibrant Growing Sunday School booklet by Thom Rainer
  • Order Form for additional promotional materials

PowerUP Training

  • Partner with your association to provide a PowerUP Your Sunday School Clinic
  • Partner with another church and cross-train your leaders
  • Use the PowerUP DVD to train your Sunday School leadership
  • Contact the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma for certified PowerUP consultants

Register your church for PowerUP
Contact Bob Mayfield at
Call 405-942-3800, ext 4661
Complete the form online, see below.

Extra PowerUP Materials to be ordered

Contact Tiffany Zylstra to order materials. Call 405-942-3000, ext 4656 or

PowerUP green wristbands ($1.00 per wristband)
Building Heroes Stickers ($3.00 for 50)
PowerUP Evangelistic Prayer Bookmarks ($10.00 for 50)
PowerUP Your Sunday School Poster ($1.50)
Round UP Poster ($1.50)
High Attendance Day Poster ($1.50)

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