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Power UP Your World

Sunday School (small group Bible study) and missions have long been at the core of Southern Baptist ministry. PowerUP Your World is a strategy of combining these two efforts at a grass roots level.

Missions will be most effective in the church when the smallest common denominator in the church (Sunday School/small group Bible study) and missions are connected. The results are:

  1. More people in the church involved in missions;
  2. A stronger missions emphasis by the church;
  3. More funding given to missions as more people become personally involved;
  4. More people called to the mission field.

PowerUP Your world is eight weeks of engaging every Sunday School class in the church in missions by involving them in class mission projects. Supportive resources for PowerUP include:

  • 50 Day P3 Mission Journal;
  • Acts 1:8 Prayer Covenant bookmark;
  • Nine DVD videos for use in worship;
  • Promotional posters
  • Worship CD-ROM with outlines for eight worship services;
  • Pastor CD-ROM with leadership orientation and print resources;
  • Pastor’s Prep Guide;
  • Missions Projects Idea booklet;
  • Sermon CD-ROM with 20 sermons about missional Christianity.

PowerUP Your World can also be used by individual Sunday School classes or Bible study groups.


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